UPDATE: This article was written when details for the movies and their release dates were still lightyears away. An updated (an altogether more accurate list) can be found here.

As we know from the Marvel Universe, Disney loves to plan their movie line-ups out far, far in advance. It should come as no surprise that they’ve done the same for their Star Wars franchise which is currently being built from the ground up in the remote desert planet known as Los Angeles.

According to German site Starwars-Union.de, Disney already has the secret release schedules for the next seven Star Wars movies.

The studio has of course been tightlipped about anything other than their upcoming animated television series Star Wars Rebels and the J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Wars Episode VII (to be released in 2015). But they have had to tell Hasbro – the toy company on which the Star Wars merchandising empire will generate millions of dollars – what the future holds so the company can start working on future action figures, lunch pails, toy lightsabers, Halloween masks, stickers, Boba Fett-shaped erasers, and the rest of the merch.

Starwars-Union.de apparently has a source deep within the ranks of Hasbro – a rebel spy, if you will.

Here is what Disney has told Hasbro to expect:

  • Fall 2014: Rebels
  • 2015: Episode VII
  • 2016: Boba Fett
  • 2017: Episode VIII
  • 2018: Solo
  • 2019: Episode IX
  • 2020: Red Five

As expected, Disney is taking a “one year on, one year off” approach to the major Star Wars films, with the years in between devoted to spinning off smaller brands like a Boba Fett movie and a Solo movie (which probably refers to the much-rumored young Han Solo storyline).


The most interesting one is Red Five, the storied call sign that Luke uses during A New Hope. No details have been revealed about what a Red Five movie would look like. Does that mean a solo Luke Skywalker story? Will he be old Luke? Will he be a new Luke? Mark Hamill will be about 68 in 2020 and probably long past his piloting days. I guess we’ll have to wait till 2020 to find out, or at least until Hasbro gets instructions about the inevitable Red Five action figure line.

And to the Rebel spy currently working in Hasbro – keep your head down, there are Sith agents everywhere.