Constantine Gets 3 New Cast Members

DC/Warner Bros. continues it trend of comic book inspired TV shows, this time with NBC’s Constantine. It’s been a busy week for the comic publisher as their scarlet speedster, Flash, recently had a picture revealed for the live action TV show. Now we have NBC announcing 3 new actors for their show Constantine – Charles Halford, Lucy Griffiths and Harold Perrineau.

Charles Halford is set to play Chas, a character from the Hellblazer comics; Lucy Griffiths will play a young woman named Liv; and Harold Perrineau will play Manny, an angel who takes a proactive role in watching over Constantine.

So far we know the names attached are David S. Goyer, DC’s Man of Steel and The Dark Knight writer, as well as Daniel Cerone, executive producer of The Mentalist. Though this is an NBC show, it seems Warner Bros. still has their people guiding this. Considering the success of Arrow, we can consider this a good thing.

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Also, in case you weren’t aware, Charles Halford is actually Ledoux from True Detective.


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