Ben McKenzie to Play Jim Gordon in “Gotham”

It was revealed today that actor Ben McKenzie, of the O.C. and Southland fame, will be playing a young version of Jim Gordon in a pre-Batman Gotham. You can rest assured there will be NO BATMANas they were casting for a 10 year old Bruce Wayne. So don’t get your hopes up. But beyond that, we are still fairly excited. Jim Gordon being an interesting character in his own right, we look forward to seeing how Fox brings this to life.

What many people aren’t talking about is that the creator of Gotham is none other than Bruno Heller. You might know him as one of the creators for the HBO series Rome, or maybe a little show called The Mentalist. Though neither of these shows delve into the vast world of comic books, we can expect Heller’s experience with a show like the mentalist could prepare him for Gotham, which will no doubt have its share of cop drama.

It has also been revealed that the show means to take aim at a certain Gothamite’s rogues gallery. Specifically Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman. The show will obviously feature these characters in their early iterations, so it is to be expected that this show might serve as the first appearances of these characters.

Given what information we already have, it seems Fox is moving away from the cop drama a bit, specifically with the mention of these extravagant villains. It seems to suggest a movement towards a more action-based show. The first thought that should come to mind is the recent success of CW’s Arrow. If Fox is smart and wants in on that fan action, they’ll take copious notes from Arrow (and hopefully considerably less from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

In the end, if Gotham wants to be successful it all comes down to the writing – specifically, are these characters interesting enough in their earliest forms, especially without Batman? But we know that the reason they work so well is because they are great foils for Batman. How can you highlight the random psychopathy of the Joker without the temperament of our everyone’s favorite brooding loner?

If there is anything we know about the Joker it’s that he needs Batman. They are two sides of the same coin. Take out Joker’s “Batsy” and you’ve taken away his inspiration, his whole motivation. After all, what is a musician without an instrument? What is the Joker without his muse? And more importantly, what is Gotham without Batman?



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