Downton Abbey Drinking Game: Season 4 Episode 8

Alright lightweights, fasten on your beer goggles, because it’s time for the Downton Abbey TV Drinking Game: Part II!

A few rules:

1. If you’re too young to drink, you’ll be considered one of the “downstairs crew”. Your job is to make the supper, clean the dishes, and be everyone’s peon for the rest of the night.

2. If you don’t want to drink, wear a black tie and be the butler. Everyone else should feel free to bark orders at you and call you “Mr. Carson” for the entire evening.

3. Choose one among your party who is the most gentlemanly or ladylike there. If it’s a man, they drink whenever Lord Granthem is in a scene. If it’s a woman, they drink whenever Lady Granthem is in a scene.

3. There will be spoilers.

5. Drink responsibly. You’re all ladies and gentlemen, after all.

When to drink:

1. Drink any time Mrs. Patmore is proud of Daisy

2. Drink whenever someone tries to court Lady Mary (and fails)

3. Drink twice for every joke the Dowager Countess makes

4. Drink any time Lord Granthem disapproves of something one of his daughters has done

5. Drink any time someone is holding a baby

6. Drink every time Mr. Carson is talking with someone

7. Finish your drink if Tom gets laid by the new love interest


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