Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale Recap: The 5 Craziest Developments!

Downton Abbey just finished it’s final episode for season 4. That’s right, folks: it’s time for a finale recap!

1. Bates saves the day

Terrance Sampson, an awful thief, attempts to create a scandal by stealing a letter from Rose’s friend, Freda. The contents of the letter could bring shame down on the entire royal family. Downton conspires to pull a little caper to stop this from happening.

Thanks to Mr. Bates’ expert forging abilities, they craft a letter to ensure their passage  into Sampson’s apartment when he’s not there. The goal is to find the letter and confiscate it. When that plan falls through, Bates snatches the letter from Sampson’s coat, effectively saving the royal family a heap of shame.

DOWNTON ABBEY returns for a second series.
Pictured: JOANNE FROGGATT as Anna Smith and BRENDAN COYLE as John Bates.
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2. Edith has a secret child

Edith decides, against everyone else’s advisement, to have her baby and instead of putting it up for adoption, she passes the baby off to a local farmer so she can visit the child whenever she wants.

3. Daisy is staying at Downton

Harold Levinson’s valet attempts to lure Daisy to the states. Flattered, Daisy declines. Ivy decides to go in her stead. Good riddance!

4. Romances are blooming

Love is in the air this season. First Moseley and Baxter, now Lord Merton and Lady Crawley. We’re excited to see how these relationships develop going forward next season.

5. Mary finds out something new about Charles

The race for Mary’s hand is tight between Charles and Tony. But things take an interesting turn when Tony reveals to Mary that Charles has more money to his name than he lets on. So far we don’t know who Mary is favoring. If she haspicked her man, then her lips are sealed.


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