Fat, Rich and Bored in Los Santos: GTA V Heist update

A few days ago GTAV online heist rumors were set loose on Grand Theft Auto fans when two screen caps were posted possibly suggesting that the long awaited GTAV heist update may soon be approaching.

One showed a potential heist mission menu:

And the other some string values:

Further hinting that Rockstar may finally be gearing up to release sorely-needed multiplayer heist missions were snippets leaked online that allegedly give a glimpse into the mission briefs of the upcoming heist feature ( first posted by gtaforums user funmw2):

“Get a team together and break into the vault of Vinewood’s Maze Bank and steal the gold held there. You’ll need a hacker, a couple of crack shots and your best getaway driver. You’ll also need to get some wheels which can outrun the Cops”

Can it be true? The terms “attackers” and “defenders” in those string values seem like a pretty good sign.

On October 1st of last year, Rockstar finally released the online game play, and if you were like me then you were initially thrilled. But then the problems started. First, the servers were down for days, then glitchy after that. But the promise of awesome multiplayer gameplay was enough to keep us patient. Finally, after days of waiting, Rockstar seemed to have addressed the biggest problems and the world jumped into the insanity and fun of GTA5 Online.

Despite all its faults and glitches, like randomly disappearing cars, the lack of a live stock market, and the 12 year olds that like to wait in tank’s outside your apartment,  the online play was still incredibly addictive. There was plenty of ways to earn and spend money, secrets, tricks and missions galore. All the while the promise of awesome new game types lingered in the possible future. But it wasn’t long before all the races had been run and all the missions abused and milked for every cent they were worth. Then the nerfs started. As a way to appease frustrated gamers, Rockstar kept making things easier. Instead of fun, things become boring. What was needed was a game mode that could constantly be rewarding and exciting. What was needed was the best part of the single player game. What was needed were heists.

And yet, they never came.

It’s not too late. Many of the people who have grown bored with the online features may just come back when they learn about the new heists. If these rumors and leaks turn out to be true then it will be a big leap forward towards making an online world that feels rewarding and competitive.


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