Green Arrow #28 Review


Issue 28 serves up the third entry in The Outsiders War story arc. The end of the previous issue gave us the big reveal that Ollie’s dad is actually still alive. In that issue, Green Arrow and Shado headed back to the island where it all began for Ollie. There he came in contact with his father, who explained why he faked his death at the hands of Komodo. Mr. Queen also revealed the shocking truth behind Ollie’s desertion on the island: that he actually orchestrated the whole thing. He claims that he did it to mold Ollie; to prepare him for the Outsiders War that would inevitably take place.

The second half of the issue shows Komodo commandeering control of the Outsiders by killing the leader of the Spear Clan. And writer Jeff Lemire, making use of the popular Arrow TV show, brings fan favorite John Diggle into the fold. “Dig” aims to get Green Arrow back in the game and to take down the mysterious Richard Dragon.


Since Jeff Lemire took over this title in issue 17, Green Arrow has become DC’s greatest title. Lemire isn’t afraid to take influence from Arrow and use the best elements of the show. This is demonstrated no better than in his use of Ollie’s island. It offers up the past as a mysterious element we continually learn more about. This is an element of the TV show that made it so compelling for fans and Lemire understands the intrigue of that and puts it to good use. It is also demonstrated in his introduction of John Diggle into the comics.

Lemire has the reader feeling a constant build up of suspense with every issue. We are also starting to see little tidbits from the first few issues of this run start to pay off, as Ollie’s dad connects the dots with Magus and Emerson. Lemire makes it all very rewarding for the reader as nothing is without purpose.

As always, though, the art is what really elevates this book. Andrea Sorrentino’s unique style paired with Lemire’s impeccable writing, makes this series stand out. There’s no other comic book out there like this. In fact, Green Arrow is starting to feel so expansive that it seems to occupy its own corner of the DC Universe, like Batman or Superman. Now that’s saying something!


Lemire is building quite a story with Outsiders War and, now with the big reveal that his father is actually alive, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Ollie and Co. Will Ollie learn to accept what his father has done to him? I surmise that, whether he likes it or not, Ollie will need to enlist the help of Shado and his father to defeat the Outsiders. And, as a fan of the Arrow TV series, I couldn’t be happier to see Dig make his appearance in the comics!




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