Green Lantern Corps #28 Review

Issue 28 has the Corps continuing its search for a Durlan named Daggle. A former Green Lantern, Daggle is seen as the o`ne man who can help the Corps in their war against the Durlans. But does he want to help?


Van Jensen is finally going solo with Green Lantern Corps. His previous issues on Corps have all been co-plotted with Robert Venditti. Jensen takes full hold of this book with issue 28 and he delivers another fine outing!

Jensen’s writing excels when he’s delving into the random obscurities and colloquialisms of the Green Lantern universe. We get ample amounts of that within the first few pages as the book begins on planet Muz, where Daggle is hiding in a crowded outdoor marketplace. We have vendors shouting: “Best prices on Praxyl ovaries, right here!”, “You need laser whip? Protect you against sand crawlers!”, or, my personal favorite, “Genuine mollusk saliva! Increases male potency threefold!”. It reminds me of the Star Wars films, whenever Han Solo or Luke Skywalker would slip away into a random pub or strike up conversation with alien commoners. It was little things like that which would completely lure the viewer into that world. You can tell Van is having a blast just getting lost in this universe and it creates an equally fun and immersive experience for the reader.

Bernard Chang puts forth solid work on this issue, as usual. One of the great things about the 4 main Lantern titles, since the creative team changes, is how all these teams have been able to remain in place. I love knowing that when I pick up Corps I’m going to be getting a Jensen and Chang book. Same goes for the other teams on the other titles. There is something to be said about books remaining consistent with their creative visions and the Green Lantern stock of titles has been doing just that.


Once again, things continue to heat up for the Green Lantern Corps. The reveal on the last page nearly had me crapping my pants! I think, considering a certain solicitation for a new Lantern book, we have a pretty good idea of what this means. Alright, I’ll just say it. The Sinestro Corps is back, people! Fear hath returned.



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