Hero Gamer Runs into Burning House to Save Xbox

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; you awake to find your room filling with smoke and a fire out-of-control in your home. A Kansas man discovered just that on Friday morning. Luckily, he managed to escape the inferno safely. Unfortunately, to his horror, he realized that his Xbox 360 was still inside, presumably clawing frantically at the window to escape the oppressive heat and smoke.

This Kansas man decided the best course of action was to rush back into the still very much on fire house and rescue his beloved gaming console. After escaping his burning house for the second time, this time with the Xbox in hand, he finally called the fire department.

Fire officials say the man suffered smoke inhalation, but otherwise was in good condition. It’s unclear how his Xbox fared.

The fire is being blamed on an electrical junction box and caused over $80,000 in damages. But just think, had this hero not gone back in, the fire would have caused $80,000 + the price of a used Xbox 360 in damages. Totally worth it.

Watch the news segment on the story below on a cartoonishly small video player:


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