New Warriors #1 Review

Marvel releases its newest superhero title, New Warriors. A group of young adult and teen heroes that have been around since the 80’s. Meet the new lineup: Nova, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Speedball, Justice, Sun-Girl, Water Snake and Haechi.


How fitting that Scarlet Spider writer, Chris Yost, would take up this new title after the cancellation of the former. At least here he gets to continue developing Kaine, if only to share the spotlight.

It goes without saying that team books have a very different dynamic than solos. Yost makes the adjustment quite well, though. He balances this issue out by introducing us to each of the members and where they are before teaming up. I like that this issue takes its time, if even just a little bit. Some team books are so anxious to get into the team format without explaining exactly why they are getting together in the first place. Here we see everyone scattered around the Americas, dealing with their own problems, until the appearance of the Evolutionaries brings their worlds together.

Artist Marcus To, like Nova artist Paco Medina, has a boisterous style. This works with this group of young heroes. It keeps this world fun and light-hearted. David Curiel is on colors (just like on Nova). Here the color palette seems a bit more vanilla. There’s a splash page with Speedball and Justice where the blues in their costumes look virtually the same and against the backdrop of a blue sky, it clashes with the eyes of the viewer. To be fair to Curiel, this has more to do with the character designs and how the scenes are set up. Overall, Curiel puts his colors to good work.


I’ve heard New Warriors described as Marvel’s version of Teen Titans. Now, depending on the connotation, that can be a good or bad thing. Truth be told, the only real similarity is that they’re both groups of young heroes. Young superhero teams may offer up all the teen drama you can handle, but for some reason teen drama and superhero fantasy make quite the pairing. We’ve seen it countless times with the X-Men; we saw it before with Marv Wolfman’s Teen Titans; and I sense we’ll see it again with Yost’s New Warriors. Now, what about that sounds like a bad thing?

Great 1st issue!



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