Nova #13.NOW Review

Nova gets an All-New jumping on point with issue 13.NOW! Beta Ray Bill makes an appearance and Nova joins him in his effort to take down the villain, Captain Skaarn.


This is one of many #1/.NOW issues released by Marvel to give fans a fresh introduction to their characters. Some have been more successful than others. Lucky for us, Nova slows down just enough to allow new fans to jump right in with what’s going on.

Nova writer, Gerry Duggan, captures an innocence in this book that most comics lack these days. Sam Alexander, AKA Nova, is an intergalactic superhero but he’s also still a teenager. Duggan tempers that dichotomy well. We see an interaction with Sam and a bully, Moffet. It’s apparent these two have a history. But before things get too out of hand between them, Beta Ray Bill shows up wanting answers from Nova about Captain Skaarn. Fisticuffs ensue.

Duggan strikes a balance between character moments, teenage drama, and superhero fantasy. Sometimes the most difficult part about writing monthlies can be trying to get a dosage of all of them in each issue. But Duggan handles the task well. This comic isn’t real wordy. But sometimes less is more. That seems to be the case here as Duggan plays up to the strengths of artist Paco Medina and lets this story unfold through its visuals.

Artist, Paco Medina, has an approach well suited to this series. His lines are boisterous and expressive. I really enjoy his art style. It has that quintessential comic book-y look to it. Inker Juan Vlasco and colorist David Curiel do a fine job of bringing those qualities across in the finished product.


Nova #13.NOW is one of the best jumping on points in the whole All-New Marvel NOW! line. In just this one issue we meet Sam, understand where he’s at in his life – with peers, girls and family – and where he’s at as a superhero. Take that, add a bit of Beta Ray Bill and you have one of Marvel’s funnest books at the moment, and the space adventure is just beginning! Pick this issue up. You won’t regret it, Novanators.



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