Punisher #2 Review

Frank is still on the trail of some cartel baddies, the Howling Commandos still have their sights on the Punisher and, randomly, Electro makes an appearance.


This issue offers up plenty of Frank killing bad guys. I feel like the body count in this series is already pushing 20 or 30. Maybe a bit excessive. The only thing showing a little restraint here is the art by Mitch Gerads. If there’s anything holding this series together, it’s the art. There’s even a nice little nod in there to David Aja’s Hawkguy, which is appropriate considering Gerads lines mimic that exact same style. Frank even gets a new dog, akin to Hawkeye’s Arrow, named Loot.

As for the writing, it’s spotty. Sometimes this series has a flow to it – with action scenes being punctuated by moments of humor and diner scenes – but the glaring issue here is that Edmondson doesn’t have much of a hook to this series.  Just as I was getting used to the gritty shoot em’ up type story, a supernatural villain like Electro shows up. It’s an awful mistake.

There are obvious Hawkeye jokes to be made, but this is also starting to feel like a less accomplished comic book version of Seinfeld: a comic about nothing. I mean we get why Frank has to kill these guys but as a reader there’s nothing compelling about it. There’s nothing drawing me in to actually care all that much.


Aside from Gerads best Aja impersonation, this still feels like a cheap Hawkeye knockoff. The art is actually good, though. The story, however, lacks interest. That and Electro randomly showing up, at this stage, deals a big blow to the series.



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