She-Hulk #1 Review

Jennifer Walters skates by making a living as a New York City lawyer and spends the rest of her time Hulking out and beating up bad guys. When a woman in need comes to Jen for help, she agrees to take a case against her friend and Avengers teammate Tony Stark.


It’s becoming apparent that writer Charles Soule can do no wrong. The past 3 weeks he’s been on fire. 1st with Thunderbolts, then with Red Lanterns last week and now She-Hulk #1. But this issue in particular soars beyond the others.

Soule is crafting quite a comic with She-Hulk. Issue 1 serves up a self-contained little story but it makes it all the more rewarding. It even captures some of that fun indie vibe that made Hawkeye so popular. None of this would matter, however, if Soule didn’t make Jen such a likable character. She’s confident, self empowered and tough. The way she strolls into an associate review in the beginning of the issue, only to have her expectations dashed is beautifully captured by artist Javier Pulido. His art is glorious. It’s really that simple. There’s a minimalism to it that lends itself so well to not only Soule’s writing, but just She-Hulk in general. Not to mention it capturing some of that fun indie vibe I was talking about.

It would be remiss of me to mention the art without giving praise to colorist Muntsa Vicente. His palette complements Pulido’s lines so well. It’s a feast for the eyes.


I’ve never read a She-Hulk comic before this, but I’m already a fan thanks to Soule and Pulido. It’s flawless. And when I say that I truly mean I found virtually nothing wrong with this issue. Not one word misplaced, nor one artistic stroke amiss. She-Hulk is comic book fun at its best.



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