Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW Review

Superior Spider-Man, set to end with issue #31, begins it’s final arc with Goblin Nation. The Green Goblin has taken control over the criminal underworld. Which leads us to wonder, is Ock-Spidey really “superior” after all?


When Dan Slott seemingly “killed” Peter Parker about a year ago, many fans were up in arms about it. Enter Superior Spider-Man, a comic were the villain becomes the hero. It’s a divisive creative move for some fans but, personally, I love the concept. This has created new and interesting story lines that we never would have seen with Peter Parker under the mask. Aside from a few vocal, rather negative, detractors to the series, people have really been eating it up, present company included!

We’re starting to see the fragmented psyche of Otto unfold. This run is culminating in Peter realizing he still has a stack in this world and is starting to put the pieces together as to what all this means. He does in this issue what Otto did to him, by diving into the memories of Otto.

It’s fun to see this internal battle of Peter’s. It almost reminds one of Harry Potter and Voldemort, with the shared memories bit. Also in how Peter has to find ways in which to remind himself that he is in fact, different from Otto, and try to hold on to his identity.

The penciller, Giuseppe Camuncoli, does good work here. I like how he uses character expressions and his close ups of Green Goblin in this issue are to die for! The colorist, Antonio Fabela, perfectly complements Camuncoli’s dynamic style. This results in Superior being one of Marvel’s better looking comics this week.


It’s sad to know this is the last arc in the Superior Spider-Man series. But it’s good to know Peter will be returning soon, and what better way to cap it all off than with a showdown with Goblin Nation?



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