The New “Battlefield” Game Will Be Police-Themed

Good news for those who want their games to be more John McClain and less G.I. Joe, the next-gen Visceral Games developed Battlefield game is rumored to be police-themed.

Sources told Polygon that Electronics Arts has been shifting much of its resources to support the new Battlefield game:

Electronic Arts earlier this week let go of their contractors at the office and told full-time staffers they could either take compensation and leave or continue working in the office to support work on Visceral’s rumored police-themed Battlefield title, code-named Havana. Sources say Havana is due out later this year.

The Battlefield series, which has until now stuck pretty close to the, you know, battlefields that its name subtly alludes to, may benefit from a new direction. You can only save the world from global destruction so many times before you start to wonder what it would be like to play out the fantasy of arresting a person for public urination.

Interestingly, Visceral – which was previously responsible for the Dead Spaceseries – isn’t the only one working on a Battlefield title. DICE is also developing another one due out next year. It looks like EA has decided to take a page from the Call of Duty series handbook and maximize their profits by letting two developers make their games in alternating years.


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