The Walking Dead Drinking Game: Season 4 Episode 12

It’s another round of The Walking Dead Drinking Game so get out your Solo cups, shot glasses, and maybe an object capable of inflicting blunt force trauma to a rotting, shambling corpse, because we are going to party like it’s zombie arena fight night in Woodbury.

A few rules:

  1. If you are too young to drink, you are referred to as a “Carl.” Your job is to make everyone else miserable by your willful defiance of simple instructions.
  2. If you don’t want to drink, replace alcohol with fruit punch. Pretend it’s blood. You’re a zombie.
  3. There will probably be spoilers.
  4. Head shots only. Don’t waste ammo.

When to drink:

1. Drink any time Beth inexplicably reads her diary in a voice over

2. Drink any time Daryl straight-up stabs a zombie in the head with an arrow

3. Finish your drink if it looks like Daryl is about to get killed just before a commercial break

4. Drink any time Sgt. Abraham Ford gives an order, but gets ignored

5. Drink every time Dr. Eugene Porter’s mullet gets blown playfully in the warm breeze

6. Drink any time Sasha gives a “You know Maggie is crazy, right?” look to Bob

7. Take a shot with no chaser if Carol kills someone

8. Drink any time a zombie is wearing a dress


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