Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW Review

After Thor’s epic, nine-realm spanning adventure with the League of Realms, he returns to Midgard. There, new love interest Roz Solomon is up against it with ROXXON Energy Corporation. Will her blond haired, behemoth of a viking God come to her aid?


Don’t let the “#1” at the top of this issue confuse you. This is actually issue 19. Issue 19.NOW to be exact. O.K., now you can be confused.

Now that you’ve let that sink in, let’s get started on the issue.

Jason Aaron’s run on Thor: God of Thunder has rarely been short of spectacular. But much of that can be attributed to his expert characterization of Thor in his various life stages. Not to mention the grand universe-spanning adventures he’s taken us on. But now that he’s returned Thor home, things have lost their luster a bit. It seems that Aaron is tackling global climate change with this story arc, with Roz being an environmental something-or-other and trying to take down the evil global warming contributing corporation ROXXON. I’m all fine for social and/or environmental commentaries in comics. Actually, I think the comic medium has proved its a perfect medium to do so, but in the case of Thor, it just doesn’t mesh well.

As for the art, it could hardly be better. Esad Ribic has finally returned and me and every other Thor reader couldn’t be happier! Esad’s work on Thor in the first year was exceptional. But after reading this issue, I long for the days in that first year, when he was drawing Young Thor, Avenger Thor and old King Thor sailing the cosmos on their giant space barge, drinking barrels of mead and bringing the hammers down.

This art just feels like it would be much better suited to the space adventures.


Considering Thor: God of Thunder has so many great issues already, there’s bound to be slight dips in quality here and there. It would be impossible to expect a book to keep up that ridiculous level of awesomeness forever. But we don’t even have to look much further for a silver lining, as the end of this issue and the solicit for the next suggests future King Thor will be doing battle with old Galactus!

This issue in particular isn’t the greatest of the run thus far, but this title has been too good to suggest we’re worried about this becoming a problem.



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