Watch a Supercut of Stan Lee’s Cameo In Every Marvel Movie

A superfan made a supercut and it is amazing. Stan Lee is well known for making appearances in every Marvel project (including a recent episode of TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Someone with the superpower of “way too much time on their hands” put together every one of those cameos into one long supercut.

It’s a fun little nod to the creator of many of Marvel’s best known heroes and the most well-known face in comics, but it also has some creepy implications if you realize that all Marvel movies are supposed to technically take place in the same universe. Who is this creepy old man who happens to be at the heart of every major superhero incident of the last few decades. In the Marvel universe, if you see a guy who looks like Stan Lee walk into a room, things are about to get very, very interesting.

In the first few appearances, Lee’s “character” is portrayed as uniformly confused and oblivious:

But after a while he starts gaining confidence. He even approaches Peter Parker on the street and offers him a bit of apt advice.

In a way, this is actually really smart character development when you remember that Lee’s character somehow manages to be in or around dozens of insane situations. After surviving the first few, it’s natural to believe that he stops going “What the **** is going on?” and starts saying “Not again!”

But his tale isn’t without inconsistency. He may or may not have been killed in The Incredible Hulk after drinking Hulk-tainted soda. He also is portrayed working at multiple jobs, but in Fantastic Four he insists he is “Stan Lee.”

Presumably, the person “Stan Lee” is someone of some renown because he hopes that just saying the name will get him into a party. The bouncer too seems to know who Stan Lee is, he just assumes that this crazy old man in front of him isn’t the celebrity. But if Stan Lee is real inside the Marvel universe, what is he famous for? Does he still make comics? Who are the heroes? Does he just write glorified fanfiction about the lives and challenges of people like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the X-Men – All people who, again, actuallyexist in the world.

Finally, he may be a time traveler, or at the very least hasn’t aged in 70 years. In Captain America, we see the elderly Stan Lee sitting at a war fundraiser looking roughly the same age as he is in the 21st Century.

Omnipresent, never ages, always there. This leaves us with only one logical conclusion: In the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee is God. Fear him.


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