Will Smith to Star in Blade Runner & X-Men Rip Off “Brilliance”

It was recently announced that Will Smith would not be starring in the Independence Day sequel. However, it was confirmed this week that he would be starring in an adaptation of the book Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. It’s about an agent (played by Will Smith) investigating people called “brilliants”, who are born with cognitive abilities that normal people do not have. Specifically terrorist brilliants. Just reading the synopsis brings to mind Deckard and his replicant subjects, from Ridley Scott’s dystopian masterpiece Blade Runner (and more importantly the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick).

That’s not the only similarity, however. These “brilliants” seem a lot like those people we call “mutants” from the X-Men (courtesy of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby).

The cover of the edition above has a reviewer quoted as saying “the kind of story you’ve never read before”. Yeah, I guess, if you’ve never read a science fiction novel or opened a comic book in your life. So far the only brilliant thing I’ve seen is the author skillfully taking all of his interesting ideas from other writers and somehow avoiding rebuke. Boy, what a talent!


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