Winter Soldier #1 Review

It’s 1966. Hydra has captured two people who can create something called the Alchemy Formula. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Ran Shen go out to retrieve these two scientists, only to have a wrench thrown in their plans by, non other than, the Winter Soldier.


You have to appreciate Marvel giving new prospective fans the chance to get to know their characters before the movies come out. By this, I’m talking about Winter Soldier and his appearance in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Marvel could hardly have done better than tasking Rick Remender with the job of returning Winter Soldier to a brand new monthly series. Remender’s current runs on both Uncanny Avengers and Captain America are highlighted by his ability to tap into the “old ways” of writing comic books. What he crafts here actually even feels like a Stan Lee issue from 1966 – one of the really good ones.

Remender hits the ground running with this issue. We get a great feel for the espionage, action thriller we can expect going forward. There’s not a ton of Winter Soldier himself in this issue, but the first 90% of the issue is handled so well that you may hardly even care! And once Bucky shows up, the party has just begun.

Artist Roland Boschi delivers a wonderful issue. That Stan Lee-esque writing of Remender’s I just mentioned, well that’s all but matched by Boschi’s Kirby-esque art with Winter Soldier #1. The two creators complement each other’s styles so well that there is little doubt as to how successful this book could be if these two are able to stick around.

It should also be said that Andrew Robinson’s work on this cover is superb! Easily our pick for the comic book cover of the week.


It’s official: this is the new title to beat in Marvel’s All-New Marvel NOW! Excellent writing, excellent cover, excellent interiors. If nothing else, all I can think about is that I want to read issue 2, right now! Is that not the best indicator of a great issue? If that isn’t, I don’t know what is.



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