X-Force #1 Review

X-Force is back! This Cable-led crew includes Fantomex, Marrow and Psylocke. They’re mission: to give mutantkind a stake in an ever-changing world, one that, in the past, hasn’t viewed them so kindly. They feel the best way to achieve this is to steal some kind of cyberweapon. Go figure.


Writer Simon Spurrier seems to have a handle on Cable and the kind of leader he is. He has a way with these characters and in expressing their personalities. The problem with the dynamic of these characters, though, is Psylocke being reduced to mother hen for most of the issue. I don’t tend to think of Psylocke as the “level-headed” member of any team, but this team is so screwy it sets her up to be one of the only sane people in the group.

Regardless of the odd team dynamics, artist Rock-He Kim sets this world up through his unique visuals. His art takes on a computerized look – polished with various shading gradients and a general smoothness to its texture. There aren’t many artists who have a style like Kim, but the legendary Adi Granov comes to mind. But while the styles are similar, Kim lacks Granov’s uncanny realism. Because of this, some of the art is hard to comprehend, especially in action sequences. Otherwise, Kim’s work is redeeming when Spurrier’s writing becomes hard to comprehend.


This issue starts off simple enough: the team meets for a briefing, discusses their next mission and then carries it out. This is what any reader would expect from an issue of X-Force. The problem is, that through all of this, we wonder why they even need to do any of this anyway? We still have yet to understand why what X-Force does is in anyway helping mutantkind. That and the inclusion of Marrow’s confusing narration makes this issue hard to grab a hold of.



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