Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW Review

After Thor’s epic, nine-realm spanning adventure with the League of Realms, he returns to Midgard. There, new love interest Roz Solomon is up against it with ROXXON Energy Corporation. Will her blond haired, behemoth of a viking God come to her aid?


Don’t let the “#1” at the top of this issue confuse you. This is actually issue 19. Issue 19.NOW to be exact. O.K., now you can be confused.

Now that you’ve let that sink in, let’s get started on the issue. read more

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Punisher #1 Review


Punisher #1 provides a fresh jumping on point for new readers. The newness in this “All-New Marvel NOW!” title is that Frank Castle now resides in Los Angeles. The story starts off with a special ops team saving what appears to be a prisoner of some unknown group in Togo. Then we come upon Frank Castle, who is brutally getting information out of some drug runners in Mexico. He means to learn to whom the drugs were going. Once he gets his intel, he kills his captive without a care. This intel leads to another person who points Frank to the cartel. Rather than sit back and discuss things, Frank decides to take a bazooka to their building and blow up his informant inside the car. The issue ends with the special ops team from the beginning, revealing themselves through their own conversation to be the Howling Commandos. Their mission: to kill Frank Castle. read more

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Green Arrow #28 Review


Issue 28 serves up the third entry in The Outsiders War story arc. The end of the previous issue gave us the big reveal that Ollie’s dad is actually still alive. In that issue, Green Arrow and Shado headed back to the island where it all began for Ollie. There he came in contact with his father, who explained why he faked his death at the hands of Komodo. Mr. Queen also revealed the shocking truth behind Ollie’s desertion on the island: that he actually orchestrated the whole thing. He claims that he did it to mold Ollie; to prepare him for the Outsiders War that would inevitably take place. read more

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Ms. Marvel #1 Review


Ms. Marvel #1 tells the story of 16 year old Kamala Khan. She is an American Muslim living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Kamala is an imaginative young girl who, like any nerd, has a healthy obsession with her interests. But deep down, Kamala wishes she was just seen as a normal teenager.

She loves the Avengers and likes to write fan fiction on the web. When she tries to share her joy with receiving 1,000 upvotes on her work, it is lost on those around her. Then, when she asks her parents to go to a party, her father forbids her. But Kamala, just wanting to have fun and fit in, sneaks away. Upon arriving to the party, she realizes she made a mistake and heads home. On her way she is mysteriously surrounded by a dense mist and then has a strange interaction with her favorite Avengers. They grant her one wish, to be Ms. Marvel. read more

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Wolverine #1 Review

All-New Marvel NOW! kicks off another #1 issue, this time with Wolverine. Anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with this stuff, don’t worry, we got you covered. Basically, all this “All-New Marvel NOW!” talk is a way for new fans to have clear cut jumping on points. Nothing sells better than #1’s, so there’s that too. The more cynical, seasoned, comic book fans call it a quick money grab but, hey, it’s the nature of the business unfortunately. At the very least they’ve created a jumping on point. As for whether or not it’s a good one, we’ll let you know what we think. read more

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