X-Force #1 Review

X-Force is back! This Cable-led crew includes Fantomex, Marrow and Psylocke. They’re mission: to give mutantkind a stake in an ever-changing world, one that, in the past, hasn’t viewed them so kindly. They feel the best way to achieve this is to steal some kind of cyberweapon. Go figure.


Writer Simon Spurrier seems to have a handle on Cable and the kind of leader he is. He has a way with these characters and in expressing their personalities. The problem with the dynamic of these characters, though, is Psylocke being reduced to mother hen for most of the issue. I don’t tend to think of Psylocke as the “level-headed” member of any team, but this team is so screwy it sets her up to be one of the only sane people in the group. read more

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Winter Soldier #1 Review

It’s 1966. Hydra has captured two people who can create something called the Alchemy Formula. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Ran Shen go out to retrieve these two scientists, only to have a wrench thrown in their plans by, non other than, the Winter Soldier.


You have to appreciate Marvel giving new prospective fans the chance to get to know their characters before the movies come out. By this, I’m talking about Winter Soldier and his appearance in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Marvel could hardly have done better than tasking Rick Remender with the job of returning Winter Soldier to a brand new monthly series. Remender’s current runs on both Uncanny Avengers and Captain America are highlighted by his ability to tap into the “old ways” of writing comic books. What he crafts here actually even feels like a Stan Lee issue from 1966 – one of the really good ones. read more

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Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW Review

After Thor’s epic, nine-realm spanning adventure with the League of Realms, he returns to Midgard. There, new love interest Roz Solomon is up against it with ROXXON Energy Corporation. Will her blond haired, behemoth of a viking God come to her aid?


Don’t let the “#1” at the top of this issue confuse you. This is actually issue 19. Issue 19.NOW to be exact. O.K., now you can be confused.

Now that you’ve let that sink in, let’s get started on the issue. read more

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Watch a Supercut of Stan Lee’s Cameo In Every Marvel Movie

A superfan made a supercut and it is amazing. Stan Lee is well known for making appearances in every Marvel project (including a recent episode of TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Someone with the superpower of “way too much time on their hands” put together every one of those cameos into one long supercut.

It’s a fun little nod to the creator of many of Marvel’s best known heroes and the most well-known face in comics, but it also has some creepy implications if you realize that all Marvel movies are supposed to technically take place in the same universe. Who is this creepy old man who happens to be at the heart of every major superhero incident of the last few decades. In the Marvel universe, if you see a guy who looks like Stan Lee walk into a room, things are about to get very, very interesting. read more

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Ms. Marvel #1 Review


Ms. Marvel #1 tells the story of 16 year old Kamala Khan. She is an American Muslim living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Kamala is an imaginative young girl who, like any nerd, has a healthy obsession with her interests. But deep down, Kamala wishes she was just seen as a normal teenager.

She loves the Avengers and likes to write fan fiction on the web. When she tries to share her joy with receiving 1,000 upvotes on her work, it is lost on those around her. Then, when she asks her parents to go to a party, her father forbids her. But Kamala, just wanting to have fun and fit in, sneaks away. Upon arriving to the party, she realizes she made a mistake and heads home. On her way she is mysteriously surrounded by a dense mist and then has a strange interaction with her favorite Avengers. They grant her one wish, to be Ms. Marvel. read more

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Gambit Vol. 1: Once A Thief Review

With news of Channing Tatum potentially playing Gambit in a potential solo movie, we got to thinking, as nerds often do, and we decided it’s the day of Gambit! (Go here to see our thoughts on Tatum as Gambit: Channing Tatum as Gambit?! L’enfer?). Nothing has been confirmed about said movie, so this might be a bit of an overreaction to assume as much as we are but we’re geeks. That’s what we do. read more

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Wolverine #1 Review

All-New Marvel NOW! kicks off another #1 issue, this time with Wolverine. Anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with this stuff, don’t worry, we got you covered. Basically, all this “All-New Marvel NOW!” talk is a way for new fans to have clear cut jumping on points. Nothing sells better than #1’s, so there’s that too. The more cynical, seasoned, comic book fans call it a quick money grab but, hey, it’s the nature of the business unfortunately. At the very least they’ve created a jumping on point. As for whether or not it’s a good one, we’ll let you know what we think. read more

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B.J. Novak Revealed To Be ‘Alistair Smythe’ In “Amazing Spider-Man 2”

B.J. Novak has had an eclectic acting career. A popular, if under-recognized, stand-up comedian, Novak is probably best known for his role as “Ryan” on NBC’s The Office. So is he a comedy actor? Kind of. But he has also co-starred in Inglourious Basterds, a movie where he kills Nazis and Saving Mr. Banks, a movie where he writes music for a Nazi Sympathizer.

Now he’s set to add “comic book movie” to his resume. read more

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